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We Love The 70’s and More

In Association With All Saints Dental Clinic

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We Love The 70's and More

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Do you miss the days of going up to your favourite club in your flares or Bell Bottoms and coming home to watch your favourite shows on TV? Well tune in on Monday evenings to Dave and Dan and let us take you back them good old days with some great 70s music and laughter

We Love The 70's And More In Association With All Saints Dental Clinic

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We Love The 70’s and More crew

Name: Dave priday Show: We love the 70s and more Fav Drink: Coffee Fav Food: Sausage mash peas gravely Fav Act: Pink Floyd Elton john Explain Your Show: The show is a mixture of 70s and other decades Plenty of banter with my wing man Dan Hadley Interviews And 3hrs of mayhem

Name :Daniel-Carlos Hadley Show :Everyone Live Lounge Best memory of something that has happened during your radio career :Interviewing Dave Scott-Morgan, former guitarist for ELO... And then he invited us to the one off 'Earthrise' concert at the Birmingham Conservatoire... Magical evening. Favourite food and drink :Paella and a pint of Guinness (Not whilst doing a show, that would be lethal haha) Favourite act or musical artist :James Taylor If you were stranded on a desert island what couldn’t you do without :My Guitar If you had to give a recommendation for something in the area spill the beans :Kitchen Garden Cafe, fabulous music events with a lovely intimate feel and really enhance the spirit of Kings Heath. Explain details of your show on Brumside radio :The Everyone Live Lounge serves as a platform to showcase the best unsigned talent in Birmingham and sometimes further afield. We play all your favourites and mix in the unsigned talents just to keep you on your toes and up to date.

Name: Jenny Robertson. Show: Jentime. Best memory...LiveAid concert. Fav drink...Most! Martini and lemonade. Fav Food...Shepherds Pie. Fav Act...Pink Floyd, or Rolling Stones, close call. Recommend Jules Holland Live, amazing! Jentime is my favourite ramble through Rhythm and Blues, plus a few memorable iconic tunes thrown in.  

Official Brumside Radio Photographer & Videographer.   My name is Kairi. I come from Estonia. I have learned craft, art and photography. I like to knit, crochet and embroidery. I have a passion for photography with a keen eye for detail I enjoy taking pictures of landscapes, wildlife, close up and portrait pictures.