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The Chill Out Zone

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The Chill Out Zone

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The Chill Out Zone is Produced & Presented by Lazy B and has been on the air for more than 20 years, Tune in for the mellow tones of LB with Lush Love Songs also featuring The Quiet Storm, Three In A Bed and Lazy’s Big One. 

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The Chill Out Zone crew

Name:LazyB (Ben Jameson) Show:The Chill Out Zone Best memory: Fishing with my Dad & holidays with my Mom & Sister ​ Fave drink: Sugar Free Limeade (I'm a trpe 2 diabetic) Fave food: Rib Eye Steak Fave act: Lee Evans Recommendation: WWW.LazyBlog.Co.Uk <------- It's my new Blog site i'm just launching (Shameless Plug) ​Explain show: It's the place to end your day, Lush love songs and friendly banter (Best served chilled, in bed, maybe with a fine wine or a cold beer) We have many features including LB's Big One, Also the 3 Sum & The Quiet Storm, along with your requests and dedications and interaction via The Lazy lounge @ WWW.DJLazyB.Com