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Broadcast during the homeschool lockdown in association with The Audio Content Fund. The Audio Content Fund is a scheme to provide funding for the creation of original radio production in the UK. The fund is part of a pilot Contestable Fund, financed by the UK Government, to support the provision and plurality of public service content.

The Fund is responsible for distributing a grant of up to £3 million which will be used by independent production companies to produce distinctive, public service radio content for broadcast on commercial and community radio. The fund aims to support programming that is traditionally more difficult to support on a commercial basis (such as documentaries, comedy, drama, events). Please find our run of help shows. These can be listened back to and contain the following shows. We hope the information contained will be of use.




A six-part series of short radio features, made for and by young people about youth loneliness.

The aim of the features will be to: connect young people; encourage the expression of feelings and vulnerability; reduce the stigma around loneliness; help young listeners to recognise if and when they are lonely; and to develop coping strategies to help them if they do. The features will support creativity, inspire social action, be entertaining and help young people to feel part of a community of listeners across the UK.


House Rules

Highlighting the issues and negative thoughts that might be going through the minds of listeners, and respond to them with ideas for ways to cope.

Every morning will present a different topic, followed by short, sharp, practical tips, with an underlying message of positivity. Bored of the same four walls?  We’ll show you that you’re not alone, and invite interior designers to give advice.  Not sleeping well?  You and millions of others – we’ll bring a sleep specialist on air to help.


The Wellness Workout

Imagine a Joe Wicks workout for the mind! Highly produced packages, designed to absorb the attention and focus the mind for a few minutes each day, will act as a talking point for presenters and bring mindfulness, mental health and wellbeing into the soul of each station.


Homeschool Helpers

Home-schooling tips to parents that might benefit from a bit of extra advice, from helping their kids get the best out of learning at home, to looking after their own mental health.

Presenter and mum-of-two Helen Skelton is joined by different education and home-schooling experts, to help parents discover the best ways to manage home schooling their children. The series of features is designed to give very clear, practical help and advice to support home-schooling during this difficult time, when many parents are feeling isolated with the challenge of full-time parenting and teaching. Expect tips and tricks to keep your kids focused, alongside guidance on how to look after your own mental health during this challenging time.

The Homeschool helpers include:

  • Amanda Ashy-Boyd – Nutritional Therapist

  • Jill Ritchie – Life Coach

  • Laura Bacon – Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

  • Sally Maddison – Head Teacher

  • Maddie Moate – Children’s TV Presenter

  • Neil Jones – Strictly Come Dancing Professional

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