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Jay Adkins shows

The Session

The Session

The N.U.A Show

The N.U.A Show (New Unsigned Alternative)

Jay’s Houseparty

Jay's Houseparty

Name:Jay Adkins

Show :The Session / The N U A show

Best memory of something that has happened during your radio career :30 years of radio many happy memories come up I guess the most memorable was awarding a prize on a fm breakfast show to the lady who later became my wife. On the flip side getting escorted off the V festival site for a misunderstanding with the indie group Gomez

Favourite food and drink :curry and gin (I collect the stuff) (gin that is)

Favourite act or musical artist :The Polyphonic Spree

If you were stranded on a desert island what couldn’t you do without :My collection of Japanese magic effects. Plus Gin on tap, Also My family & My Cat Poppy.

If you had to give a recommendation for something in the area spill the beans :As I’m not from the area I haven’t experienced much however can give good recommendations to the Turkish kebab shop over the road from the all saints centre in Kings Heath

Explain details of your show on Brumside radio :The session – features news topical discussions and good music along with some non award winning features that should have been retired to the radio scrap heap. Loving held together by some fool
The NUA show two hours of the best in the world of unsigned unheard and under the radar music acts. The beauty of the show is that the music comes from many different genres and the show is trusted to deliver the biggest acts breaking through